Royal Botanic Garden, Kew Gardens, London, Spring, Flower, Crocus, Iris

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Winter in London

The freak weather across Europe continued into March. Although March is officially a spring month, the amount of snow would have confused anyone. During the big snow storms, I decided to work from home, but the persistence of sudden blizzards and bad weather was quite worrying, as I booked tickets to go to Kew Gardens for the weekend.

Come Saturday morning, I woke up to nice weather. At this point, “nice” meant no rain, sleet, or falling snow, and non-sub-zero temperatures. It felt like the perfect weather for a day out in the middle of winter.

Kew Gardens is a beautiful place that just does not look like it’s a part of London. I was amazed by how inviting the local shops are and they were the perfect prequel to the gardens only a few minutes from the station.

At this time of year, I imagine gardens being pretty empty, but the indoor attractions really brought the crowds in. The two that interested me the most are Rebecca Louis Law’s Life in Death installation exhibit and the Orchids Festival.

Life in Death is an interactive and amazingly intricate piece of work. Law strung together different pieces of flowers, berries, and even spices (!) using thin copper wires, and let them hang from the ceiling to the floor. It is incredibly impressive! The flowers, even though they have been hanging for weeks, stayed in shape and remained bright as is they were fresh. I suppose that’s where the name Life in Death comes from.

The Orchid Festival is, however, the jewel of Kew. They collected species from all over the world, so anywhere you look – and don’t forget to look up –, there is something surprising and special.

But besides the exhibitions, the garden itself is huge and provide so much to see and do. And maybe it’s because it’s winter and quiet, but walking in the park was so fantastically peaceful, three hours passed by quickly. Despite the fact that I was on my feet for those 3 hours continuously, afterwards, it just felt invigorating.

I really hope to come back – as usual with places I enjoy –, when the flowers are blooming and the restorations are done. If you wanted to spend a whole day in Kew Gardens, you can easily do that. I cannot recommend it enough for a tranquil day out.


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