I have a pen-friend

I think it happens a lot in language schools (or any time you’re abroad), where you meet people with whom you just click and go on to an epic letter-writing adventure.

So initially, it’s all very exciting. Five-page stories of life moving on, missing certain things from the time spent together, and hopes for a nice future. We would write every two weeks or so, and when the holidays are coming up, the letter is accompanied with a lovely card.

But it’s hard to keep in touch, especially when life just happens. And life for university students happens incredibly quickly, especially when one commutes hours each day, one writes her dissertation frenetically, and both work part time.

And even though university is over, life is busy, because we make it busy. So, we are now writing bimonthly or so, coinciding with birthdays and happy occasions like Easter, and Christmas. It’s hard to keep in touch so it’s fair to question the strength of our friendship.

Maybe we are seasonal… but then again, you don’t speak to everyone every day. When it comes to the time spent writing these letters, you realise it is precious. It makes me realise the important things that are happening in my life, and it gives me a way to reflect.

It’s therapeutic to write. I tell my pen-friend things that bother me the most and things that amuse me the most. I tell her about traditions for holidays and complain how different things are here in England. Then she tells me about what she’s up to at university, how her day has gone, what she’s been binge-watching and her hopes to travel soon.

For me, there is something special about someone who I can tell pretty much anything. Plus, she’s one of the only people who read my blog – I can tell, especially when my statistics tell me I have a reader in Germany.

Have you got a pen-friend? What’s your relationship like and how do you keep up with each other’s busy schedules? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “I have a pen-friend

  1. Lilia says:

    I just sealed the letter for you I spent writing the last hour and then I thought “Oh, you should check out her blog. It’s been a while.” And what do I encounter? This post. I am blushing right now and I feel honoured that you decided to dedicate a whole blog post to our pen-friendship. It means a lot to me. It is hard to keep in touch regularly, but as you say, when you find the time to write the letter, it is therapeutic. I light a canlde and put on some music, choose nice paper and a pretty envelope. I’ve gone for a bright colour again. 🙂
    Our friendship is special and every letter I receive from you reminds me of the great times we spent together. These few months abroad have not only brought me good memories but a good friend and I can consider myself lucky to know you. xxx

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