Fun Facts about April Fools

I guess by the time you reach this post you may have already been a victim of a prank. Or not. The numbers by Statistic Brain on attitudes towards April Fool’s day tell you that a staggering number of 89 million people are out to get you on 1 April. However, when you measure that against the world population, it turns out that that is only 1.2% of the people play April Fool’s each year!

So without further ado, let’s uncover some fun facts about the pranksters.

  1. A study conducted by Statistic Brain (link above) found that by popular vote, the best prank you can pull off on 1 April is changing the clocks.
  2. Changing the clocks is not only funny, it may uncover the mysterious origins of April Fools… or not. The French reformed their calendar in 1564, so the people who celebrated the old calendar’s new year actually celebrated on the last week of March and 1 April (in the new calendar). These traditionalists were pranked by sticking a paper fish to their back.
  3. In some countries, April Fool’s celebrations coincide with Spring festivities, so naturally, playfulness and jokes are always welcome on 1 April.
  4. Big international corporations like to use this day as a publicity stunt, but sometimes they cross the line. Such is the case with Google Mic Drop, which forced people to take part in April Fool’s activities and rendered their email communications practically useless.
  5. For some reason, people (about 7%) feel the urge to prank their co-workers (and even bosses) on this day. In recent years, I came across more and more articles outlining pranks that won’t get you fired. Thank you, Internet!

But how do you celebrate 1 April? Do you even celebrate it? Let me know in the comments.


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