It’s Mothers’ Day…

… weekend! (in the UK)

This isn’t the usual time I celebrate Mother’s Day; I celebrate it on the first Sunday of May when the lilacs, the classic Mothers’ Day flowers, bloom. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t celebrate Mothers’ Day twice!

I don’t know about your mum (or parents or family), but mine was doing the best she could to raise me and give me the choices she did not necessarily have.

We don’t have a perfect relationship and frustration is natural between any two people, especially when one is set in her ways while the other one is still changing. The latter one is me, by the way.

Now, as two adults, our dynamic has changed. Sure, there’s still frustration which sometimes overshadows some of the good things. But we both know the good things will never go away.

So happy Mothers’ Day to my mum and to all the mothers out there, who love their children to the moon and back!


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