How I plan my holiday – part 2

So last week it was about travel and hotels, but here comes the exciting bit: holiday activities.

If you’re not just renting out a room to read and hibernate for about a week, the activities are what you probably anticipate the most during your holiday.

In any place you ever go, there is plenty you can do. Sometimes the time you spend there is not enough, so it’s best to utilise your spatial awareness to save time. Like in my post on Budapest, I organise my destinations according to where they are on a map.

Lonely Planet’s Guides app helps you do that exactly, which is why it’s my number one source to find tourist hotspots, info about my destinations, and awesome recommendations. You can save the spots you’re interested in on a convenient map, and even find the quirkiest accommodations!

And for a personal touch, consult with your Cool Cousin. Although they are a small company, for what it’s worth, the contributors give all destinations a lovely touch. Whether you are a culinary or an enthusiastic artist, you can find your cousin who can guide you through your holiday.

And if that’s not enough, I consult Google Maps. I don’t know about you, but zooming in until you could see every little thing on the street is actually super interesting for me. So finding something that’ll interest you cannot be easier with Google.

But what about you? What are your super effective ways of getting the most out of your holidays? I’d love to hear from you.


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