How I plan my holiday – part 1

Although the point of a holiday is to get away from your everyday stress, it takes a lot to plan, especially when you have to coordinate many people’s holidays.

The organiser is likely to have to put up with clashing timetables and interests, but researching early can eliminate these issues. Have they not booked their time off? Not your responsibility, but you can always try to accommodate them.

Once getting people together is done, and know where you are going, you should probably start the money collection.

When it comes to travelling by train, I don’t make too much of a fuss about tickets. The earlier you book, the better.

Planes, however, need a bit more thought. Of course, you shouldn’t check your favourite website 3 times a day, because by the third time the prices are almost guaranteed to go up. (It’s simply because the website tracks interest and when there is interest, the prices go up.)

So instead, have a look at Hopper. You can get notifications on when best to get the tickets and reliable advice on pricing. Alternatively, try looking at cheaper airlines (my favourite is WizzAir), which can save you a large portion of the money you’d be spending on larger airlines. Finally, try Google Flights. A browser, an advisor, and a financial saviour, if your dates are still flexible!

It might be worth booking your hotel with your travel tickets, but I like to have a look at Trivago first. Amazing, easy to use app that gives you the best deals for the time you’re going. What more would you need?

Well, I guess some geographical familiarity would not be so bad. But let’s talk about that next time.


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