With Love to Folkestone

A little getaway to Kent can never hurt.

When it comes to beautiful towns in the UK, one might consider choosing and equally beautiful hotel to match it up with. In the summer, this could have been an extravagant outing, but in October, when the cold starts to creep in, it’s more affordable.

After a 15 minute walk from the train station through the charming Kingsnorth Gardens to the impressive Burlington Hotel, I found myself on top of a cliff looking at France. Of course, The Burlington was not the only hotel along the cliff. One of the oldest hotels in Folkestone, The Grand (sounds fancy, right?), was right next door, and the locals affectionately called the rivalling of the businesses “Hotel Wars”. I guess that’s what happens when you have a town on the Kentish shore facing France.

I’ve only been to Folkestone once, but I would definitely try to come back stay in the Burlington again. The evening came and hunger with it, so we decided to try the nearest Chinese place. Hop Kweng was not a mistake. It was the exact opposite of a mistake! It’s the food that you’d want to stuff your tummy with after a long day of travelling. It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t expensive either. The service was lovely, and the interior was oddly romantic. Although they don’t have a website so you can’t view a menu, they have a large umber of dishes, so whether you are a chicken, a beef or a vegetarian person, you will find something for yourself.

The next night, we fancied pizza, so we decided to go to La Tavernetta, a little restaurant just down the road from Hop Kweng. We looked up a menu online, but it was either old, or we mistook this La Tavernetta with another. By the time we realised, we had already ordered drinks; it was too late! We were trapped…

In an Italian food dream. I had a fresh and delicious seafood linguine (which I intend to recreate at some point at home), while my companion had a dish of cannelloni (which I know I can never recreate) with a mountain of grated parmesan on top of it. Warning! It wasn’t the cheapest, as you may well have guessed, but it was the warm cooked meal we needed after a day of exploring Dover Castle.

Without a car, it’s a hefty walk from the train station, but there is no reason why you couldn’t have a picnic overlooking the Channel and France. Although current history is not my cup of tea, the medieval side of it is worth the visit.

Kent, of course, has more to offer, so I wouldn’t mind basing myself in Folkestone (and the Burlington Hotel), while taking a day trip to Canterbury or Ashford.


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